Gift Certificates

All of our courses are available as gift certificates that can be emailed  to you. The certificates are valid for a year after purchase. We run the courses regularly during the year including on weekends."If you’ve ever wondered what a macchiato is (it’s an espresso with a dash of milk), or fancied creating cafe-style coffee at home, then try BARistaBARBAR, a London-based barista course. "

Run by coffee experts and commercial trainers, this one-day course teaches everything from speciality  gourmet coffee styles to the correct way to properly maintain your coffee machine. " (REVIEW  LONELY PLANET MAGAZINE )


BASIC BARISTA COURSE £79.95 Basic Barista Course is popular gift for someone who is passionate about coffee.This is the perfect gift for those who love coffee and want to be able to produce coffees to the highest standard.   It covers the full range of coffees from producing the perfect crema on top of an espresso to  working with the milk to create microfoam for a creamy latte. Gift Certificate valid for a year after purchase.


LATTE ART COURSE £79.99 BARistaBARBAR's latte art course is for those who want to create drawings on lattes. Gift Certificate valid for a year after purchase

BARISTA BOOT CAMP £169.99  BARistaBARBAR's Barista Boot Camp is a one day course with the Barista Course in the morning followed by the Latte Art Course. Gift Certificate valid for a year after purchase


BARistaBARBAR's Cafe Start Course is for those wanting to know how to start a cafe. It is a full day intensive course in central London. Gift Certificate is valid for a year after purchase


BARistaBARBAR's Coffee Roasting Course is a one day intensive course covering the following-•Is a practical 'hands on' roasting course on a commercial coffee roaster

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