Wednesday 10th April at 10.30am  £250
Wednesday 17th April at 10.30am  £250
Saturday 13th April at 10.30am  £250
Wednesday 24th April at 10.30am  £250
Wednesday 1st May at 10.30am  £250
Wednesday 8th May at 10.30am  £250

Unique Course in the UK to BARistaBARBAR

at the Baristabarbar Barista School & London Coffee Lab

A one and a half day comprehensive course covering all the aspects that go into planning and opening a cafe.The first part of the course is the completion of the Barista Boot Camp on location and in person followed by a half day online course covering the business aspects.

It will be a combination of both the technical aspects and the business elements required to start a cafe.

The course will cover

-Cafe types

-Valuing a business

-Due Diligence

-Identifying risks

-Disclosure documents


-Planning Permission

-Assessing foot count

-Basic Business Plan


-Company v Sole trader

-Tax and VAT related to catering

-Insurance-public liability and employer's liabliity

-food waste

-food safety

-price marking

-employment law and pay and conditions

-health and safety

-fire safety regs including space allowed for exits

-food safety guidelines

-food labelling

-food records (compulsory)

-registering for VAT

-registering for food inspections

-VAT inspections

-leases and problems

-margins and menus


-fluctuations in profit during the yearly cycle

-cafe layout

-shop fitting contracts



-Food Standards Agency

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